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Augmented intelligence
accelerates whole organisation growth

We use augmented intelligence to make development more effective by joining cutting edge AI with the expertise of the world’s coaches, leading edge scientists and your own employees. It is a whole organisation approach that integrates factors driving flourishing, well-being, resilience and performance.

  • Engages and empowers employees. It addresses their yearning to live life well and actively contribute to creating an organisation they’re proud of.
  • Builds a healthy, motivated workforce with relevant skills. Reduces absenteeism & presenteeism costs by helping all sustain their mental health.
  • Supports real-time organisational development. Provides de-personalised, actionble analytics to accelerate your organisational development activities.
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flourish zone
Makes improvement easier
in the face of continuous change

The pace of global change is increasing. It’s highly likely that what your employees learnt last year is not that relevant this year! We make it easier to continuously adapt skills in the face of change.

  • Gives employees the right expertise at the right time in the right way. Available 24/7. Responds to your changing needs. Fits your busy schedule and works in bite-sized chunks.
  • Creates behavioural change. Just because you watched a TED Talk doesn’t mean you’ve built the skill! Our approach goes beyond “tell videos” to support real-world skills building.
  • Evolving expert coaching tools. FZ is an open platform that makes it easy for coaches to create new digital improvement tools on demand so they can easily respond to changing workforce needs.
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flourish zone
Hyper-personalised development
for your diverse workforce

Our AI Coach, Suny, uses a unique scientific framework to provide hyper-personalised development support to every employee and team. She diagnoses what’s needed, builds skills, rewards effort, and helps people help each other.

  • Supports Diversity. Gets to know each user and their priorities, diagnoses and recommends improvement solutions then coaches them to develop.
  • Increases your ROI for Learning and Development. Focuses everyone on developing the skills that will have the biggest improvement impact. This gives you a cost-effective approach to accelerating development across your entire workforce.
  • Develops your organisation as an integrated eco-system. Creates improvement at individual, team and organisational levels. Supports you to optimise all of these.
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Why we're different

Our patentable technology and unique approach enable us to generate brand new insights and performance opportunities for your organisation.

Whole organisation approach

Supports individual, team and organisational development. Helps you identify how to develop your organisation to meet the needs of your people and vice-versa.

Unique Scientific AI Engine

Connects over 1500 scientifically validated factors driving human flourishing and organisational performance improvement. Accelerates improvement by diagnosing root cause issues and opportunities.

A digital coach for every employee

Suny® gives hyper-personalised support to increase productivity, wellbeing and resilience. She diagnoses what’s needed, builds skills, rewards effort and helps people help each other.

Global expertise for all

Our open platform makes it easy for coaches and consultants to digitise their improvement methods so everyone in your organisation can benefit from global expertise.

What our Clients are saying

Saving UK employers from the £200 billion per annum cost of poor productivity, low well-being and sub-optimal resilience.

I can see that the APP has very exciting potential & is different to anything I’ve seen on the market. Having the learnings personalised and in bite-size activities is good for the way the new generation work and consume information.

HMM, Rebound Fitness

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