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Helps you grow
and make a difference

Our AI engine is built on the science of flourishing, well-being, resilience and performance. So it can help you build skills to live a longer, more fulfilling life, as well as doing better at work. You have your own confidential world where you can develop whatever skills you like. But you are also empowered to help improve your team and organisation by taking part in shared development worlds.

  • Empowers you to make a difference
  • Supports your mental health
  • Provides scientific insights to accelerate your growth
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flourish zone
Makes improvement easier
in the face of continuous change

Life is a rollercoaster. It can feel like you’re continually responding to new needs whilst trying to sustain your wellbeing and stay resilient. 

You know you can be more. And you want to change. But change feels hard. Flourishzone makes change easier because it:

  • Responds to your changing needs
  • Helps you build and sustain real-world skills
  • Give you access to evolving expert coaching tools
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flourish zone
Hyper-personalised development
for you

Our AI Coach, Suny, uses a unique scientific framework to provide hyper-personalised development support for you throughout your life and career She diagnoses what’s needed, helps you builds skills and rewards all your effort,

  • Personalises to you and your priorities
  • Focuses your development on the skills that will have the biggest improvement impact
  • Supports your growth, diagnosing what’s needed, helping you build skills and rewarding your effort.
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Features and Benefits

So what are the business specific benefits of coaching? We understand for a business to invest they need a strong ROI.

Fits into your Busy schedule

You choose to do development in bite sized chunks at times that suits you

Improves your Wellbeing

Helps you build the unique mix of skills that will help you feel good

Rewards all your effort

People grow by taking action so you get points for all your activities

Support you 24/7

Always there to support you in life and work

Suny® can introduce you to more coaching improvement methods via the Flourishzone app.

Suny® gives you hyper-personalised support to increase well-being, resilience and performance in an ever-changing world.

She diagnoses what you need, builds your skills, and rewards you for effort all whilst helping people help each other.
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FlourishZone and Suny® can help you on your journey.

Download our app today on the IOS or Google Playstore to feel well, stay strong and do better.

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